Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Crisis Protocol is a tactical miniatures game for two players in which handpicked squads of Marvel characters clash over a customized battlefield and attempt to be the first to complete their mission objectives.

Before the game, each player recruits a team of characters from all over the Marvel Universe, creating the pool of raw talent they’ll draw from later to create the squad they’ll send into this battle. Players work together to set up the features and obstacles on the battlefield that will affect the fight and, finally, to create the mission for the game from a selection of randomly drawn Crisis cards.

Once the mission is set, each player calls on characters from their roster to form a squad with the best mix of skills and abilities for the tasks athand. The two squads will clash using unique attacks, superpowers, and even the battlefield itself to complete the mission!

A game of Crisis Protocol is played in rounds, and squads earn victory points for completing Crisis card objectives. The first player to score 16 victory points wins.

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